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Pack and Gear Management

What’s new?

The second version (v1.2) of the app is available with some significant enhancements:

  • Publish your pack to the web and share the URL with others for a virtual pack shakedown.
  • Improved interface layout for iPad and iPhone

Download on the Apple App Store

  • Here is an example of the output in METRIC / IMPERIAL units of measure, that can be generated from the app, using images, weights and categories.
  • See the Getting Started guide below.

I hope you enjoy and find some use in the app.

Support Us

If you use this app, then please subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow on Instagram.  Alternatively, consider making a donation using the link on the bottom of the page.  It has taken a considerable amount of effort to turn a simple gear list into a full iOS app, so these actions help me a little by sharing content with a wider community.  Thank you for your support.  Mark.

Why use the ‘Back in Pack’ App?

The app originated from a desire to manage my pack contents for each of the trips that I take.  As the trail and weather conditions, terrain and risk factors vary considerably, I required a simple way to build a pack list and assess function vs. risk for the trip.  Ultimately with a desire to carry as little weight as possible to move faster and further.

What started as a simple list for myself has evolved and now provides functionality to support your backpacking journey through all four seasons.

  • Gear Locker
  • Pack Lists
  • Publish to Web
  • Generate PDF lists for publishing, packing and travelling
  • Systems – ‘Pack in packs’
  • Reference or ‘Base’ packs
  • Archive – Keep a record of all past trip packs
  • Images – for gear and packs
  • Weight Analysis – by type and category
  • Import from web
  • Export pack as an XML file to share with others

Getting Started with Back in Pack?

The application was developed as a need to manage gear and pack lists for trips in more detail than some of the other available websites or apps provide.  Please see the 5 minute introduction to get started with the application quickly: (external: YouTube).

The full list of help topics can be found here.