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App Privacy Policy

No data Collected or shared

  • The ‘Back in Pack’ app does not collect or share any of your data with ourselves or with any third parties.
  • All data is saved on your device and synchronised via your personal iCloud account.

Published Packs

  • If you publish a pack, then the data is stored in a public database on the Apple iCloud infrastructure and is accessible by anyone with the link.

Generated PDF – pack Contents

Generated PDF files of your pack contents are not collected or stored by the app.  However, YOU can choose to either:

  • Markup the document
  • Save them to your device or iCloud account
  • Share them via message, email or other app,
  • Share them from your iCloud account (sharing a link)
  • Upload them to a website for review.

This is standard functionality provided by Apple for a PDF document.