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This website is dedicated to sharing my experiences with nutrition and exercise to improve my performance and enjoyment whilst backpacking during all four seasons.

Four key principles to improving health

I have four principles that I follow to help at home or out on the trail:


      • Fast – either time restricted feeding or extended fasts to perform better, induce fat-adaptation, induce autophagy, reduce inflammation and manage body composition.

      • Feast – eat cleanly. Whilst I (Mark) follow a ketogenic diet, we do not advocate any specific dietary pattern: Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Mediterranean, … Just avoid processed and pre-packaged foods!

      • Sleep Well – essential to helping your body recover. Especially when you are expending significant physical effort hiking long distances, in the mountains, with a backpack.

      • Exercise Outdoors – in particular mountains, forests or other wilderness areas. This is beneficial to both your physical and mental health,