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Keto Bricks

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With fat containing twice as many calories (9 per gram) as carbohydrates and protein, a keto-friendly diet can helps a backpacker reduce the load to travel faster.

Keto bricks are predominantly made from Cacao Butter and MCT Oil, which with their very high fat content provide an exceptionally calorie-dense and nutritious snack. These “bricks” are very stable at warm temperatures and do not turn into a gooey mess on a hot day. These, in addition to Pemmican, are my go to trail snacks for fast, light trips.

Ingredients (per brick)

  • 60g – Cacao butter
  • 40g – Collagen or Whey Isolate powder
  • 15g – MCT Oil powder
  • 2g – Cacao (100%) powder
  • 15g – Hemp seeds
  • 20g – Brazil nuts or Macademia (better Omega-3 profile)
  • Monk fruit or Stevia – depending on desired sweetness​


  1. Melt the cacao butter in a double boiler (bain-marie)
  2. Add in the protein powder and mix until smooth
  3. Add in the MCT powder, hemp seeds and stevia and mix thoroughly
  4. Option: Grind the nuts and mix in (I do this to improve the texture)
  5. Option: Place the nuts in the bottom of the individual “brick” container and pour the mixture over.
  6. Place in fridge or freezer to set.
  7. Then turn out of container and store them in a cool place